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Daniil’s Tigers

A Novel Based on Real Circumstances

by David A. Glen

300+ pages (170 x 245 mm) softcover

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A Story of Desperation, Survival, Kindness and Redemption
in the Lives of Four Exploited and Abused Kids, and how
One Man Helped to Redefine Their Destinies.

Thousands of children around the world are victims of transnational organised crime syndicates and individuals that profiteer from their trafficking, enslavement, and sexual exploitation. These criminal entities not only exploit children in real environments; they have also created a highly sophisticated subculture in cyberspace on both the supply and the demand side that is extremely difficult to track and intercept. Their illicit dealings in child exploitation often involve corrupt political and governmental figures, judges, doctors, lawyers and police officers—typically those in positions of power and influence.

Based on real happenings and circumstances, this story tells of the desperate existence of four boys enslaved and exploited by a major organized crime ring, the horrors they must endure, and how they exist from day-to-day with little hope of salvation. But a chance encounter with one man, a retired intelligence officer, changes everything as he teaches them how to fight back in an effective, astute way using his knowledge of modern technology and his training in fieldcraft. Above all, he helps restore their dignity, and demonstrates how kindness, redemption and an indomitable spirit can lead them out of the dark underworld in which they live to a life of happiness and fulfillment.

While a work of fiction, this story is told in a unique style by writer David A. Glen, drawing from his own experiences and also as Director of Strategic Operations for CTECC, a global tactical initiative to end the trafficking and exploitation of children by today’s multicultural and highly competitive mafia. In his narrative, Glen demonstrates how organized criminals have developed a potent reach into sectors of our government, how they can interpose themselves into our daily lives and, more importantly, how easily they can gain access to our children.








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