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Book Publishing Today is a beautifully produced, full-color quarterly digest designed to pique the interests of a broad spectrum of readers from seasoned writers and editors, to publishing aficionados, knowledgeable marketing executives, talented graphic designers, and the burgeoning direct-mail and fulfillment business. Above all, Book Publishing Today has enormous appeal to the self-publishing author.

In recent years, we have seen a revolution in the publishing industry, and a sharp reduction in the cost of books in print. The paradigm has drastically changed thanks mostly to major advances in digital printing technology. Gone are the days when traditional printing companies, those with enormous investments in expensive lithographic presses and binding equipment, required large minimum print runs in order to justify low unit costs. And gone are the days when large publishing houses had to stockpile books in vast quantities (and the inherent costs), and give away nearly 50% of the profits to distributors and middlemen.

Not only did printers with this expensive capital equipment witness a worrisome surge towards electronic books; they had to face the advent of print-on-demand equipment such as the Indigo® digital printing technology, pioneered by an Israeli company that was acquired by Hewlett-Packard.  These presses offer one-book-at-a-time printing and binding, at a reasonable unit cost, and using a machine that could virtually fit in your living room.

Traditional lithographic printers had to regather their wits, and find solutions to compete, and in many cases to actually survive.  The revolution in prepress technology helped their cause.  Digital remedies made expensive film output, and conventional plate making, almost redundant. This alone took virtually half the cost out of print production.  Printing press manufacturers went back to the drawing board and adapted their equipment for quicker setup and easier cleanup to facilitate shorter runs.  Consolidating deals with paper manufacturers also produced more flexibility, since the paper companies, too, were faced with imminent losses if something wasn’t done to support the traditional printer.

The result has been a resurgence in paper books (and other print collateral such as magazines) simply because publishers can now entertain short print runs at reasonable per-unit prices.  A small publishing house can now publish 500 or 1,000 books at a time, see how they do in the marketplace, and go into reprint if necessary with a telephone call or email message.  And any errors or omissions can be corrected in subsequent print runs.  This has had a real impact on the rise of electronic books, yet it’s important to cater to all needs.  Younger generations are, to a great extent, reading on mobile devices.  They still have good eyes!  But a large portion of readers today are committed to print media; they love the feel of a good book, the smell of its paper, and the sense of ownership.  There’s plenty of room in the market, however, for both electronic and print versions.

Notwithstanding all of the above, book publishing today is far more complex than one would think if—and this is important—we are to maintain the highest standards in our writing and in the production of our books.  But keeping up with the ever-morphing technology and methodology is challenging to say the least.

Book Publishing Today, with its continually evolving, thoughtful and insightful content, keeps up for you.  We hope you will take full advantage of this beautifully presented journal, keep abreast of the latest in printing and publishing know-how; glean new knowledge from talented and experienced book designers and graphic artists; discover new and effective ways to get books into effective markets and, if you’re a self-publishing author, maintain full control over your book from concept to completion.  An annual subscription to Book Publishing Today will be one of the best investments you could ever make.


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An annual subscription to
Book Publishing Today
will be one of the best investments

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Some of the talking points you’ll find in Book Publishing Today

On Writing

Write to Empower, Enrich, Entertain, + Educate
Fiction Versus Nonfiction: What Really Sells
Biographies + Memoirs: Important Issues
Writing with Conviction + Commitment
Who’s Telling Your Story, and When?
Why Good Grammar + Punctuation Matter
Bad Writing Habits + How to Break Them
Choosing the Right Editors + Proofreaders
Breaking the Rules, aka Developing Style
An Introduction to Prefaces + Preambles
Coming to Conclusions

Designing Your Book

Books Should be Beautiful
Choosing the Right Layout Software
Common Book Sizes + Their Rationale
Choosing the Right Typeface or Font
To Justify or not to Justify: It Matters
Understanding Leading + Kerning
Clean Lines + Negative Space
Finding a Good Illustrator
Images, Captions + Citations
Formatting Contents + Appendices
Your Book In Other Languages

Printing + Binding

The End Product: Key Considerations
Print Brokers: Should You Use Them?
The Use of Color + All Its Implications
Pondering Paper: Texture, Weight + Function
The Game Changer: Short-Run Lithography
Letterpress: It’s Alive and Well, and Beautiful
The Print-on-Demand Option: Pros + Cons
Short-Run Digital Printing: Pros + Cons
Binding Formats + Their Rationale
Online Book-Printing Services: Pros + Cons
Regional + Foreign-Language Rights

Fulfillment + Logistics

What is Fulfillment + How Does It Work?
The Importance of Professional Packaging
Media Mail + Postal Book Rates
Shipping Your Book in Bulk Quantities
Distribution in the USA + Canada
Distribution in Europe + the United Kingdom
Distribution in Australia + New Zealand
Distribution in Central + South America
Distribution in the Asian Markets + Africa

eBooks + Audio Books

Formatting Your Book for Electronic Delivery
eBook Distribution: Online Venues
Downloading eBooks from Your Website
Cross-Promoting Print + Electronic Versions
Creating an Audio Version of Your Book
Online Venues for Your Audio Book
Audible® from Amazon®
Other eDelivery Considerations
The Virtual Book + Why It’s Here to Stay
The Future of Virtual Reading


Marketing Strategy

Devise an Effective Marketing Game Plan
Setting Your Book’s Price: Crucial Factors
Build Your Own Website: It’s Essential
Promoting Your Book on Social Media
How to Market eBooks + Audio Books
Targeted Opt-In Email Campaigns
Promote Your Book on YouTube® + Vimeo®
Alerting the Print + Broadcast Media
Special Events + Book Signings
Teaming Up with a Charitable Cause
Selling on®
Other Online Marketing Venues
Crowdfunding: Does It Work?

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